The Clark Family:

Silas and Hope grew up at Faith Baptist Church in Temple, Georgia. Hope’s dad was a deacon, and Silas’s dad was their pastor. Hope was saved at age 11, and Silas was Saved at age 15. When Silas and Hope we teenagers, their church went to South Dakota to work on a Baptist church, and because of this, they became aware of the need for Baptist Churches in the upper Midwest. Silas answered his calling to preach at age 16; after high school, he began to go to faith Baptist college in Resaca, GA. In 2010 Silas and Hope were married. They became the assistant pastor at their home church, and not long after that, God called them to plant a church in Elbow Lake, MN. They were given a church building through the same ministry they helped as teenagers in SD. Since starting Elbow lake Baptist Church in 2015, they also have planted a second Church in Alexandria, MN, in September of 2020. They have handed this church over to pastor David and Annemarie Iseminger. They continue to pastor in Elbow Lake and are excited about starting a church in a new town soon. Silas and Hope have four Children Isabella, Ethan, Zach, and Ruger.